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Can I seek through a video (Fast Forward and Rewind)?

Christopher Maddalena
posted this on December 13, 2011, 11:26

When playing any video through PlayOn, PlayOn is creating the file in real time as it is being watched. In other words, the "end" of the file is not yet available to watch when you start playing it. It is much like a DVR recording of a live broadcast. You can pause it, rewind it, and then fast forward it a bit up until you "catch up" to the live broadcast, but you can not go past it.

It is not typically recommended that you even try to fast forward because some devices will handle this poorly. If you try to go too far then the device may just drop the video entirely. For example, the Xbox 360 will stop the video and just display a black screen.

It is possible to fast forward, but only if certain conditions are met.

  • You must have played the video previously.
  • The PC and PlayOn server must not have been restarted since you last played the video.
If those conditions are met then you may play the video again and fast forward.
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